Mission Statement

Honesty and Integrity are the driving forces behind Tangram Partners. Engagements and projects are only undertaken when incremental value can be created on a cost-effective basis. Value preservation and creation is the end goal of every engagement and project undertaken by Tangram Partners.

The principals of Tangram Partners each have over 20 years of operating , financial and transaction experience.Having worked as senior level executive, business owners, bankers, accountants and advisers, they bring a broad array of skills and experience to the many challenges facing middle market companies. These complimentary skills and backgrounds bring their clients valuable resources as they seek to preserve and enhance the value of their interests.

A popular Chinese puzzle…

A popular Chinese puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven shapes consisting of five triangles, a square and a rhomboid that can be used to create an infinite number of figures. The Chinese called this centuries old game the “Seven-Board of Cunning”  because only an exceptionally determined player would attempt its amazing and challenging puzzles. Tangram is a traditional wisdom that can train your mind to be both creative and logical at the same time.

Tangram is a philosophy of creativity, flexibility, wisdom, and most importantly, working with the resources that are available. Tangram Partners, LLC applies this philosophy to their business practices resulting in solutions that create incremental value for their clients.

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